Lise is thorough, informed, experienced and offers personal care and advice. I purchased orthotics and two pairs of sand…als that would accommodate my new orthotics. My purchases required some adjustments and follow up and I received awesome service. I have several medical issues and they have been lessened now that I have the proper and necessary orthotics and foot wear. I am extremely pleased and would highly recommend Lise at Comfy Soles for anyone looking for great service and follow up.

Anne Marie Dove 2015

Look no further if you are looking for an excellent pedorthist. Lise Tremblay-Simard is by far the best and I have been wearing orthodics since 2000. In the past, I have been served by quite a few different pedorthists and other non-qualified people who claim to be specialists but were obviously not (to my expense). Lise is extremely knowledgeable in her field and she takes the time to explain your particular situation in a calm, reassuring, and professional manner. Once you have bought orthodics made by her, you will never need to look anywhere else.

C. Samson 2015

In 30 years of practice, there are few that I’ve found who truly care about the level and quality of service they provide and product they deliver – Lise does. After decades of “chain” orthotic companies restricted by their bottom line in products and materials, Lise has opted to be a better provider to her clients! I know Lise to be honest and thorough, and she will not provide products that are not required or substandard. I appreciate that she will search out the cause of the problem rather than simply fix a symptom. I highly recommend this person for your orthotic and footwear needs!

Lori Barnes, D.Ch. 2014

I was very pleased with Comfy Soles. The service is very professional and the staff very knowledgeable. The quality of the orthotics were excellent and very comfortable (they fit like a glove). I used to have arch pain and numbness of my big toe. Not no more! I’ve been relieved of all my pain and suffering. I would recommend to anyone that has foot pain, knee pain and/or hip and lower back pain to Comfy Soles. I found the clinic to be absolutely beautiful and clean. The whole experience was great. Thank you very much!

Kathy Pindur (Devine Treats)

The service and professionalism has always been top-notch! Lise is great…and patient! No issues with the materials at all. My orthotics have made walking so much easier. My Chiropodist Lori Barnes recommended Lise. I already recommended Comfy Soles to others.

Cynthia Stewart 2014

What Lise did for me was like a miracle! I had had more than a year of steadily worsening pain in the arch of one foot. It had reached a point where I had to constantly take painkillers before any activities and to avoid the pulsing pain that kept me awake at night. In January I picked up the new orthotics Lise had made me, wore them in the house that afternoon, in my gym shoes and, I could hardly believe it! The pain was gone! I had already been wearing orthotics but Lise identified my problem… and fixed it! I am so happy to be back enjoying skiing and snowshoeing with my new Lise-made orthotics without the need of painkillers.

Barbara Lapointe 2015

I was amazed by her professionalism. She really explained well the problems and the solutions. Also very nice shoe collection.

Marie-Isabelle Desrosiers 2014


Happy Feet * Happy Life

I find the service and professionalism from Comfy Soles (Lise) to be over the top. I have been treated very well and the quality of my orthotics to be superb. The materials used to create the insoles are very comfortable and because of them my feet have been feeling great. Within the 3 months that I have had them, my foot ulcers have healed a lot. Lise works with you and is committed in helping with your needs always with quality service. I am glad that I was referred by my Foot Clinic to this business. I would highly recommend Comfy Soles for your orthotic needs!

Anders Trankalis 2014

The service I have received from Comfy Soles has been great and helpful. Since I’ve been using these custom soles I have been experiencing a significant increase towards mobility and a massive decrease in pain. The clinic itself I found to be very well maintained and up to date as well as welcoming and friendly. The staff is superb. I would definitely recommend Comfy Soles to family and friends.

Ben 2014

I highly recommend anyone who is struggling with leg/foot issues to go directly to Lise Tremblay at Comfy Soles in Orleans, ON for professional and caring service. Lise is excellent, very gentle with assessing the feet; her knowledge is exceptional as she showed me what was off in what I had come to accept as normal in my feet. I learned what was causing my pain as well as what I can do to overcome the pain. Ms. Tremblay took a mold of my feet and within 10 – 12 days I had new insoles. The pain relief they provide is money well spent. I can now walk more than 30 minutes without pain in my feet and fatigued legs. The quality of the material was top notch and Lise went out of her way to ensure they also looked nice (for example a pair of summer shoes I had purchased, she painstakingly ensured the black insoles were covered in a material to match the summer shoes so you couldn’t even tell I was wearing anything different from anyone else).
She has a small display of shoes on her walls and continues to get in nice up to date modern shoes for all seasons. Her clinic is always very clean and well laid out with additional supplies (socks, sleep boots, etc.)
Lise is also well versed in dealing with insurance companies and knew just what information I would need to provide to them. I appreciate that she realized the importance of employee benefits and it rounds out her knowledge of podiatry nicely. Overall I felt my expectations were exceeded with the level and quality of care.

Susan Kereluk 2014

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